Soft plastic line


It is the material that stands out for its simplicity and linear design.

Plastic represents the perfect combination of functionality and practicality.

Its composition makes it particularly easy to create unique packaging elements suitable for infinite customizations.


In Bar Tops / Plastic line


In Plastic line / Pourers


In Plastic line / Pourers


In Bar Tops / Plastic line

T disk

In Bar Tops / Plastic line


In Plastic line / SCR

Transparent line


For products with an original soul, which express elegance and taste also through packaging.

The transparent plastic allows combinations of reflections, colors and plays of light and gives the possibility to customize every single element, creating imaginative combinations, colors and shades.


In Bar Tops / Transparent line


In Pourers / Transparent line

Ghost crystal

In Pourers / Transparent line


In Bar Tops / Transparent line

Aluminium line


The use of aluminum in packaging reflects ancient values, expertly revisited in a modern key.

A wide range of finishes and customizations make the final result full of refinement and elegance.

The aluminum elements are customizable down to the last detail and give the product a refined look that catches the eye.


In Aluminium line / Bar Tops


In Aluminium line / SCR

Ghost Charm

In Aluminium line / Pourers

Alu Mix

In Aluminium line / Pourers

Wooden line


Wood has always been synonymous with tradition, craftsmanship and sober elegance.

A material with an ancient charm with the availability of different wood essences: from beech to ash, from oak to hornbeam.

Countless possibilities for customization and finishing that give the packaging an exclusive soul.


In SCR / Wooden line


In Pourers / Wooden line

Ghost Classic

In Pourers / Wooden line


In Bar Tops / Wooden line

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